Dr Who: Milleanderings

I've always loved Doctor Who; growing up it was my one escape - aTimelord, one of the few people I could relate to. I've always wanted to write my own stories, and I finally have. I hope you enjoy them. 

(Doctor Who, The Sontarans, Cybermen, the TARDIS, The Time Lords and Daleks are all copyright of the BBC. This is my homage to the wonderful stories I grew up with.)

  • Homeostasis The Doctor and Emily, trapped in E-Space, find themselves on a safari planet. But who is hunting who? NEW

  • CommunionThe Doctor intercepts a cry of help from Missy, but what could possibly frighten her; who could have the power to attack from the depths of E-Space?

  • Same as it ever was: Something has captured the fifth Doctor, Tegan and Turlogh and erased their memories; forced them to become slaves. What could be so powerful to do this and how will they ever escape? 

  • Between a rock and a dead place - floating in the depths of space a lone Cyberman transmits a beacon that is picked up not just by one Cyberfleet but two; each from a different evolutionary branch; each with one goal: the annihilation of the other; and to the victor? Earth.  

  • The Unhappy Medium - Something is killing mediums in 19th Century Brighton; something the Doctor thought had been wiped out milenia ago. Can he unravel the mystery before the galaxy falls prey to the dreaded Sibilis once again.

  • Initiation - The Doctor has regenerated but just what happened? Why has he no memory of the events leading up to his change? And why is he in the middle of a battle to the death between a Cyberman and a Sontaran deep in the heart of the TARDIS?