Tales for the fire side

There was a time when stories were important; where you could tell the quality of someone by their stories. They were used to battle the cold nights alone when only evil was afoot, to bring whole communities together for a common goal or against a common enemy. Why, they were even used as currency!

These stories were different to the ones you know now, oh yes. There were tales of goblins and giants, witches,wraiths and weremals, deamons and deities.

And whilst the stories are no longer told and the rules have been forgotten they still exist, mark my words, and for years they have been lying dormant; biding their time... until now.

  • The Redeemer - This was a time before heroes where the true measure of a man came from within.NEW

  • Tink and Taylor: A Christmas Dirge - A festive tale of redemption, peace & good will to all men...NOT!  NEW

  • One last lullaby - Never trust a nobleman, no matter how honest he may seem. 

  • Sprung What starts out as a prank soon becomes something far worse. Be careful if you court the devil...

  • The Price - Dare you go on the quest for immortality and sup from the Fountain Of Youth? 

  • Life during the ThawThe Thaw brings the strangers, but not everyone celebrates...

  • The unidentified adventures of Tink and Taylor - A comedy of errors, on a galactic scale

  • Beast in the beauty: Beauty is not what it seems; never judge by appearances... 

  • The Emperor's Dilemma: What is an Emperor to do when everyone has seen him as naked as can be? 

  • The fateful week: We ask for God's intervention but somehow we never seem to listen! 

  • The magical world of Baby Bear - A children's story

  • Suffer not - Marta was supposed to be a miracle baby; maybe she was... but to her mother she could be the very opposite

  • The ajar doorTwo men meet at a crossroads and each take the road that the other should have with dire consequences 

  • As it never was - Life is tinged by memories and things are never how they seem...

  • The time of becoming (and how to avoid it) - Aflet is becoming a man... but the Faire folk have other ideas...

  • The Most Trying Of Days - Some days all one wants is to be left alone, but some Demons can really be persistent!

  • Three times to the garden of eve - A story of true love

  • The Rum Puch Show - The real story behind a childhood favorite.... That's the way to do it! Punch & Judy anyone?

  • To have it all - What does it mean to truly have it all? What happens when we then lose it? 

  • Patchwork - Unconditional love is wonderful, but can blind one to the truth.

  • Jack's in the green - Three children stay at an elderly relatives house for summer, and in their games meet the enigmatic Sprite:Jack

  • To pick a blossom - Don't stray from the path; and beware a fathers love for sometimes it can be a terrible thing.