Peregrinations & shorter journeys

  • Tales from the far side
    Welcome to the reflection of contemporary life. You may find some temporal distortions but keep calm and tell yourself it's only a story... things like this don't happen in "real life", do they? (some stories will have adult content and language)

  • Tales for the fire side
    There was a time when stories were important; where you could tell the quality of someone by their stories. They were used to battle the cold nights alone when only evil was afoot, to bring whole communities together for a common goal or against a common enemy. Why, they were even used as currency!  These stories were different to the ones you know now, oh yes. There were tales of goblins and giants, witches,wraiths and were-mals, deamons and deities. And whilst the stories are no longer told and the rules have been forgotten they still exist, mark my words, and for years they have been lying dormant; biding their time... until now

  • Dr Who adventures
    I've always loved Doctor Who; growing up it was my one escape - the Timelord, one of the few people I could relate to. I've always wanted to write my own stories, and I finally have. I hope you enjoy them. This is my homage to the wonderful stories I grew up with. (Doctor Who, The Sontarans, Cybermen, the TARDIS, The Time Lords and Daleks are all copyright of the BBC.)

  • The Meldings
    Sarah Midgen is finding it hard to adapt to a new school and a new environment. The last thing she wants is to become the brunt of the school bully. What's worse is when she finds that she has these strange new powers and a destiny that is not of her making. Who needs that when you're a teenage girl?